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Valve Tech Industries

Valve Tech Industries manufactures Butterfly Valves, Ball Valve and Globe Control Valves catering to Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Water Treatment and Desalination, Steel, Chemicals Industries etc.

The company’s engineering experts constantly work to provide customers with a broad range of valve patterns and sizes in a wide variety of metals. The experts at Valve Tech design custom valves for its application in specific requirements.

V.T.I. has risen to become one of the most trustworthy brand names in valve design and manufacturing.

Our quality management system and products are certified to all standards including API Q1, API 6D, API 609, API 600, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 etc. We are an approved manufacturer with over 100 major oil and gas companies.


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Industries We Serve

Valve Tech Industries is an integrated valve  manufacturer focused on engineering, manufacturing and sales of industrial valves to the international market which includes Oil & Gas, Petro, Chemical, Power Plant, etc. Valve Tech Industries is an integrated valve  manufacturer focused on engineering, manufacturing and sales of industrial valves to the international market which includes Oil & Gas, Petro, Chemical, Power Plant, etc.

Oil and Gas

Approved and supplying to most of the Oil and Gas industries IOCL, HPCL, BPCL, Reliance and more.

Our flexible approach to manufacturing enables VTI to respond quickly to the ever changing demands of today’s oil and gas project requirements. Our extensive range of valves are installed in a broad range of the oil and gas industry’s toughest applications, from complete valve packages for LNG terminals and carriers to highly concentrated service medium for oil & gas.

Steel Plants

Covering all the major steel plants across India, Valve Tech Industries has the strongest presence in this sector.


  • Coke Oven
  • Blast Furnace
  • Oxygen Service
  • Chemicals & Power Generation
  • Fly ash
  • River cooling water
  • Lime Slurries
  • Scrubber slurries
  • Abrasive and corrosive fluids


VTI has supplied various size high pressure and high temperature valves to various thermal power stations around the world, for services up to 4500 psi and 1100°F.

The power industry has always been seeking new methods to develop energy resources in a quick, safe and efficient way in order to meet increasing power demand and inflict minimum impact to the environment.


Valve Tech Industries specializes in advanced technology valves for such applications as coal liquefaction and gasification, cat and fluidized cat crackers, catalyst slurry, hot gases and hydrogen, UOP platforming service and catalyst regeneration, Chemical Injection, HF-alkylation, and olefin plants etc.

Control tasks are challenging. To end this, VTI can provide you with a complete set of valves from single source.


Valve Tech Industries supplies the chemicals industry with valves for polymers such as resins, vinyl chloride and many other applications. Valves in sophisticated materials such as titanium, monel, and hastelloy are supplied for corrosive acids, aromatic anhydride, sulphuric acid, ethylene dichloride, and others. We can offer a complete line for almost all of these plants, including cryogenic valves in globe, gate, ball all from one source.



Valve Tech Industries has supported many pipeline projects locally and globally. We manufacture standard conventional valves as well as special custom made valves to suit the requirement of pipelines. Custom made valves have additional features that comes as per request of client and suitability of the site requirement.



Valve Tech Industries’ metal-seated ball valves have proven themselves for years in the mining industry’s toughest applications, including:


  • Process ore slurry isolation
  • Water flush lines
  • Vent gas lines
  • Sample lines
  • Chemical acid injection
  • Steam sparge
  • HP slurry

LNG and Cryogenics

Valve Tech Industries offers the most complete and technically acceptable cryogenic valve product line available from one source, including gate, globe, check, ball for liquefied gases, LNG and research labs etc.We offer valve solutions to each key stage of the LNG Supply chain from LNG Production through to downstream storage and distribution.


Processing Hydrocarbons into petrochemical products require specialist equipment manufactured from high alloys to avoid corrosion and erosion. Valve Tech Industries has extensive experience in manufacturing valves with high alloys.