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From the ocean depths to deep space and everything in between, Valve Tech Industries provides custom, precision fluid control components and systems. Both our product line and workforce are diverse and capable of solving difficult fluid management problems.

Since the beginning, we sailed off with the ambition of providing high quality and zero leak technology valves. Our goal is to achieve the highest levels of perfection and excellence in their field of the industry an industrial company with a core engineering focus.

We are capable of not only producing large size and quantities of valves but also specialized ones which calls for various types of tests at different stages of manufacturing. We have always laid emphasis on quality focused business approach and innovative inhouse development.

Valve Tech Industries manufactures Butterfly Valves, Ball Valve and Globe Control Valves catering to Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Water Treatment and Desalination, Steel, Chemicals Industries etc.

The company’s engineering experts constantly work to provide customers with a broad range of valve patterns and sizes in a wide variety of metals. The experts at Valve Tech design custom valves for its application in specific requirements.

The company also has a R & D center for continuous technological up gradation in the existing range of products and additional new products for complete turnkey solution to our valued customers. The factory is equipped with modern hydraulic test benches separately sequenced for in house testing and customer/third party inspections. The factory has a very high capacity mechanized painting shop to cater requirements of world class painting procedures. Each valve is passed through advanced testing facilities with totally equipped laboratory for chemical and physical attributes, it undergoes rigorous hydraulic test where each valve is passed through its respective QAP.

V.T.I. is extremely careful when it comes to the safety and health of its employees and contractors. We keep safety factor as the top priority and ensure a zero accident policy in our organization.

V.T.I. has risen to become one of the most trustworthy brand names in valve design and manufacturing.

Every product carries our name and with it the ethos that every person in our organization subscribes to – QUALITY. We believe not just in product quality, but also quality in the way that we choose to do business, quality in the way that we deal with our own personnel, quality in the way that we deal with our suppliers and ancillaries, and very importantly quality in the way that we treat our customers.

Our quality management system and products are certified to all standards including API Q1, API 6D, API 609, API 600, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 etc. We are an approved manufacturer with over 100 major oil and gas companies.

Why VTI?

Innovative products and unmatched service has allowed the Company to become an industry leader in oilfield equipment.


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