Machine Shop

Valve Tech Industries FZC, is a leading Engineering services provider located in Al Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, provide full range of fabrication, repair, maintenance, machining and engineering solutions to the Oil, Gas and other process Industries throughout GCC, promising the best possible quality in accordance with international standards.

VTI is always ready to offer its customers the work of long experienced professionals in lathe and turnery work, engineering dies, welding all kinds of metals, in addition to manufacturing and repairing spare parts of tools and machines and Valves refurbishing.

VTI is committed to customer service and timely delivery and is equipped with advanced machinery and skilled workforce to handle complex and large projects.

We provide a wide range of services, but the bulk of our work is split between our :
– Machine shop
– Fabrication
– Tool room

We carry out all kind of lathe work such as:

• Milling, Gear cutting and all types of splines, flanges etc. Worm and pinions cutting.
• Shaping, surface and cylindrical grinding.
• Crank shaft grinding, brake drum machining, driving shaft repairing, clutch plate, brake plate machining etc.
• Manufacture of conveyer.
• Manufacture of any metal or non-metal components, machine parts etc. as per drawings or samples including gear boxes, ship equipment, parts etc.

We also carry out repairs and maintenance of machine and special equipment, in our well-equipped machine shop.